Telltale Confirms 'The Walking Dead' Disc Collection!

Fans have been pretty frustrated by the release schedule for Telltale Games' episodic adaptation of The Walking Dead, as “Coming Soon” is usually all we're told in regards to new episodes. Thankfully, a recent Twitter post from the developer may have unintentionally revealed when we can expect episodes 4 & 5.

"Entire season on disc. Dec 4th in NA for Xbox 360 and PS3. EU dates TBA." Telltale Tweeted. This means Episode 4: Around Every Corner and Episode 5: No Time Left will most likely see their digital release before December 4th. And given there are only two months before that faithful day arrives, we may be seeing the next Walking Dead installments in October and November respectively.

Shortly after the disc collection was confirmed, gamers enjoying the zombie infestation on iOS also got some news via Twitter: "We are also very close to release for [The Walking Dead] Ep3 on iOS and will have a date very soon." Once again we're left without a specific date as of yet, but we're pretty sure it won't take too long for Telltale to firm things up.

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