'Bayonetta 2' Would Not Exist Without Nintendo

Fans of the original game were blown away when Nintendo revealed that Bayonetta 2 would be coming to the Wii U. On the flip side, just as many folks were a little pissed when they found out the game would be a Wii U exclusive, leaving those who supported the original out in the cold. However, it turns there's good reason for the decision.

Platinum Games, the folks behind Bayonetta, have stressed that they do not want to alienate their fans, but while looking for a partner to create the sequel, Nintendo stepped up in big way.

"Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes," Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games, told Polygon. "We are not viewing this as a change of platform. We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U."

So why the switch? Sega was the publisher behind the original Bayonetta, but since its release Sega has scaled back the overall amount of games they publish, meaning Platinum had to find other options. Thankfully, the change of platforms won't effect overall gameplay.

"We create the basic framework of our games on the PC, so even though the hardware changes it doesn't influence the creation of our games,” Inaba said. “We've already developed our own engine to work with multiple platforms.”

Bayonetta 2 still doesn't have a firm release date and Nintendo and Platinum Games have awfully quiet regarding the sequel's details. For now we'll just have to be satisfied with the teaser trailer.

[via Polygon]

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