This NES Light Gun Laser Will Melt Your Face!

The Light Gun is one of the coolest gaming peripherals Nintendo has ever created and just seeing one of those plastic duck shooters brings back a boat load of memories. However, the Light Gun you see above is probably a little different than the Light Gun you grew up with – this one shoots a laser that will actually burn stuff. Put on your safety glasses and head past the break to see it in action.

Created by the mad scientists over at North Street Labs, this NES laser gun heats things up by cranking out a 2W laser thanks to a 445nm M140 diode. But keep in mind this isn't a toy – this modified piece of retro gaming gear has no problem lighting a pile of matches on fire and would surely fry your eyeball if it came in contact with the beam. Thankfully, there's a safety built-in.

As you'll notice in the beginning of the video, the builders have installed a lock that prevents the gun from producing the laser. If you don't have the key needed to spin the lock, you don't have a laser. It's a good move considering the damage something like this could do in the wrong hands. See it in action below!

While something like this clearly isn't for sale at your local grocer, North Street Labs has put some build instructions up if you want to make your own.

[via Hack A Day]

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