Brawling! Racing! Bear Fighting! Idol Management! That's Right--It's a Pair of 'Yakuza 5' Trailers

If this pair of recently-released trailers from SEGA's latest Yakuza game are any indication, the Japanese criminal underworld is fraught with peril, a hardscrabble life filled with ever-present violence. Also dancing mini-games. And baseball. Oh, and stunts.

Check out this pair of Japanese gameplay and story-heavy trailers for Yakuza 5 after the jump.

It's curious that when you look at Yakuza 5, this open world crime game isn't the answer to the GTA so much as it is, a direct competitor to Saints Row. Both games present these outsized, goofy-but-still-serious versions of crime life, all framed around these worlds where you might be more interested in doing everything but the main quest line. According to a report at Polygon, Yakuza V will even include a fully playable version of Taiko Drum Master.

The big question is when or if we'll get this next entry here in the States following the, let's say, niche response to previous Yakuza games. For Japanese audiences, Yakuza 5 will be available on December 6th for the PS3.

[Source: Polygon]

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