'Saints Row The Third - The Full Package' Coming in November

If you didn't pick up Saints Row The Third last year, and now you feel like you're out of the loop with all of the genital joke-centric DLC during its post-release, THQ and developer Volition Games have got you covered this winter.

A little under a year after its initial release, all of Volition's gleefully ridiculous open world action game is getting collected in Saints Row The Third - The Full Package. You know the drill: any of that DLC you missed out on in the last 12 months has made its way to this November 6th release, including new missions and items dropped since Saints Row The Third came out.

That includes:

Genkibowl VII

Gangstas In Space

The Trouble With Clones

More than 30 bonus DLC items including the Shark Attack pack, Witches & Wieners pack, Special Operations pack, and the Genki Girl Vehicle pack

This release should tide over fans of the series still disappointed that the planned Enter the Dominatrix expansion was nixed as a standalone release, getting folded instead into the next announced entry in the series. And it's unfortunate, because Volition created a fantastic sandbox that could have really used some additional post-release content to keep alive until the inevitable sequel hit.

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