Weekend Discussion: Bring These Fighters Back

With many of the classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter finding second lives on the current generation of consoles and ongoing series that never really went away (but had rocky start on the PS3 and/or 360) like Tekken and Dead or Ailve, plus a new crop of contenders like Skullgirls and Persona 4 Arena mixing it up in the 2D space, we're living in something like a new golden age of fighting games.

And then, you hear that Microsoft has renewed the trademark for Killer Instinct and you start to wonder about some other great, maybe even forgotten fighters that would be worth revisiting on modern consoles.

After the jump, we'll run through some older fighting game series that should come back. And on @MTVMultiplayer, why don't you tell us what other fighting games should get a second life in the current gen?

Rival High Schools: This 3D fighter from Capcom pitted wildly designed, diverse characters against one another against the backdrop of high schools battling it out for martial superiority. It would be great to return to this series with a 2D/3D look similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with the same kind of absurd, convoluted storytelling.

Bloody Roar: This was Konami's gimmicky series where you could transform between human and beast forms, and while I was never a huge fan, I think the core idea of breaking a character into two fighting styles is really appealing. Get weird with it and go mythological with the beasties to really impress.

Bushido Blade: The thing most people remember about developer Light Weight's tactical fighting games is the ease with which you could take out your opponent with a one-hit kill. But they were also incredibly smart, methodical fighting games if you were prepared to take the time to read a likewise focused opponent.

What if we got this one back with PlayStation Move or Kinect support?

X-Men: Children of the Atom/Marvel Super Heroes: Sure, we've got the X-Men and Marvel's heaviest hitters represented in the Vs. Capcom games, but what if we were to get a full-fledged new take on both of these games with updated systems that were a little deeper--I'm thinking something like Injustice for the Marvel U.

Oh, and this one would have to be sprite-based with designs by Udon to give us all what we want.

Psychic Force 2012: Taito's fighting game was notable for letting the action happen on the x, y, and z axes with flying characters constrained by a bounding box. It was mostly confusing and a little frustrating in its original incarnation, but there was so much promise in the concept of a vertically-oriented fighting game with an emphasis on projectile attacks.

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