I Now Rock a Utility Belt and Other Stuff That Came in the Mail


Plus, Resident Evil 6 gets throws their candidate into the presidential election, and I get a big, beautiful box filled with Street Fighter.

Okay, it's not a great fit on my frame, but some junior would-be detective will probably love it.

To commemorate their upcoming Hands of Fate DLC for DC Universe Online, Sony sent me this handsome rubber (?) belt that would be completely amazing if it had Batman's logo on it. As it stands I have to use my imagination to pretend that I'm the caped crusader--my stupid, atrophied by TV and video games imagination.

Capcom, meanwhile, sent along this cute set of campaign paraphernalia for Adam Benford. From what we've seen of the story trailers for RE 6, he might win the election, but he'll lose the whole "not being a zombie" contest that the world seems to also be on the wrong side of in Capcom's next entry in the series.

Finally, we've got this beauty, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection, which is still sitting unopened, waiting for me to savor it in an extensive, possibly weirdly romantic unboxing piece for next week. We all know what's in it, but I just can't wait to unpack its contents and just enjoy a whole mess of Street Fighter. The collection is available now for the 360 and the PS3.

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