Volante Design Creates Amazing 'Assassin's Creed' Jackets

I've always thought the jackets/cloaks worn by the main protagonists in Assassin's Creed looked awesome. (Who doesn't?) But seeing one brought to life in the real world takes things to a whole new level, and Volante Design has done it without missing a beat.

The jacket you see above is the latest creation out of Volante Design and clearly pulls its inspiration from the jacket worn by Connor Kenway in the upcoming Assassin's Creed III. What makes these pieces so impressive is the fact that they are made to order. Should you decide to purchase one, you'd be required to send over your measurements so that your jacket fits you just right.

Another interesting option is the fact that customers can choose which colors they want the jacket to come in. For instance, I personally think it would be awesome to see the blue replaced on the Kenway Jacket with a dark, forest green. But that's the best part – it's all up to the customer.

Obviously, creating something like this through a one-man operation is a very time consuming process, and as such the jackets aren't cheap. The Kenway Jacket been drooling over all day will set you back around $320. On top of that, Volante Design has been getting a lot of attention lately (no surprise there!) and it looks like the wait list is growing larger by the minute.

Either way, you need to head over to Volante Design and check out all of the awesome pieces Enzo Volante has created. While the Assassin-style garb is clearly Volante's main focus, there is a pretty awesome Wolverine-inspired jacket that caught our eye as well, along with some more traditional hoodies and jackets following along with the Assassin theme.

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