Torchlight 2 Developer: 'We Have No Plans To Begin Work On An MMO'

Fans hoping Runic Games will start work on another game in the franchise now that Torchlight II has officially launched are in for some bad news. Not only is the developer shifting focus, it looks like a Torchlight MMO may be completely out of the question.

"While we have no plans to begin work on an MMO, that's partly because we have no plans, period!" Runic CEO Max Schaefer told Joystiq. "We're waiting to do the Mac port of Torchlight 2, and fix whatever launch issues we have, and then decide after we've had a good night's sleep or three. It is likely that nothing that would be called an MMO is the next thing we do, though, but that's not 100 percent certain."

Taking things step further during a recent Reddit AMA session, the Torchlight team revealed that while they aren't sure what's next for them, they may be taking a break from RPGs altogether:

"It's pretty up in the air," Erich Schaefer said. "We have a lot of cool ideas and nothing pinned down yet. From my perspective, I think we'll probably continue to incorporate RPG elements and randomisation in some new hybrid, character-based game. Maybe with more of a sand-box openness? Maybe with unpredictable emergent or procedural content. I can pretty much guarantee it'll have loot, though!"

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