Microsoft Hires CBS Executive To Create Exclusive Xbox Programming

As far as game consoles go, Xbox 360 is arguably the current king of video, but Microsoft wants to take things a step further, with completely original content. In fact, they are so serious about original programming they've recently hired long-time CBS entertainment president Nancy Tellem to get the ball rolling.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Tellem will act as entertainment and digital media president, assembling a team to develop original series' exclusive to the Xbox platform.

"What's so exciting about this opportunity is we're looking at the next iteration of television," Tellem told the Los Angeles Times. "We're starting from scratch and we'll be looking at linear and interactive content, both longer-form, like television, and shorter form."

Unfortunately, there's now word yet on what we should expect from the new Los Angeles based studio, or when we should expect it. However, Tellem did say that she wants to make “premium” content that can compete with offerings from traditional television networks.

We probably wont see the results from this new deal anytime soon. In the meantime we want to hear from you. What kind of original content would you most like to on Xbox? Would you prefer something along the lines of a traditional sitcom, or programming that focused on what we really care about, the games?

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