'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' Getting Characters, Stages in October Patch

Last night, Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada revealed via Twitter that the fighter would be getting some nice changes in an October 9th update. According to Harada, we should expect to see some new characters, stages, and modifications to the online and customization systems for the already pretty excellent game (my review).

While Harada didn't lay out any more specifics in his later Tweets, he did indicate to a fan asking about character balance in the Arcade mode that enemy fighters might get some adjustment, making that mode's endgame a little less punishing (because Jun and Unknown are the worst!).

While I'm curious about who else might get balanced out (and whether that will carry over into multiplayer), I'm even more intrigued by more fighters joining the already extensive 50-character lineup. At this point, nearly every character from the franchise's history is represented, leaving the likes of Gon or Dr. Boskonovitch out of the mix. Is that what you're doing, Namco Bandai? Hitting us with more Gon? Because that wouldn't be fun at all.

Actually, according to this G4 report, expect to see Lily's butler Sebastian, Violet, Unknown, Xiaoyu's alternate costume Miharu Hirano, and Slim Bob to show up in the DLC.

The report also goes on to remind us that Harada and company are apparently keeping their promise to keep all new characters free as part of future updates.

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