Microsoft Renews 'Killer Instinct' Trademark

One of my most played games for Super Nintendo was, without a doubt, Killer Instinct. In fact, the game cartridge sat in my console so long it got stuck. The combo driven fighter was a cheese fest not unlike Mortal Kombat and now it looks like Microsoft may be up to something, as the company has recently renewed their trademark for the game.

According to Gamespot, the game was registered under the goods and services description of video games, specifically mentioning “online video games.”

Obviously this isn't much info to work with and doesn't say much about the future of the Killer Instinct franchise, but my guess is we'll see some sort of Xbox Live Arcade release, possibly and HD remake. However, it could also mean the game will be a full retail purchase with a focus on online battles, though I feel this is less likely.

There are a plethora of options we could speculate on, but until Microsoft comes out and makes an official announcement we won't know anything for sure.

What are you hoping for? Would like to see a Killer Instinct Collection hitting Xbox Live, or would you prefer a full-on updated version? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts!

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