Doctors Ray And Greg Are Retiring From BioWare

Over 17 years after founding the company together, CEO Ray Muzyka and Vice President Greg Zeschuck are saying goodbye to the company that they built.

Announced over at BioWare's blog with follow-up posts from both Greg and Ray in separate entries, where the duo explain their reasons for leaving while thanking fans and friends of the company as well as BioWare's owners EA for all the support.

This is kind of a bummer for fans of BioWare's titles given how instrumental Greg and Ray appeared to be over the years to the company's vision as well as its passionate community (and the seeming passionate devotion of BioWare employees). The unlikely game developers, who started out as med school students who would up dabbling in programming, comes to what feels like an abrupt end, even as Muzyka explains in his post that he'd announced his intentions to step down back in April to EA.

EA bought BioWare back in 2007, and while there's sure to be some speculation that the new parent company might have something to do with Greg and Ray's departure, both men were quick to compliment EA CEO John Riccitiello, COO Peter Moore, and others for the learning experience. The last few months have been rocky at BioWare with The Old Republic struggling as it sheds its user base and Mass Effect 3 earning the ire of some gamers for its ending.

Zeschuck says that owing to his own dwindling passion for the work, he's likely out of the game industry for the foreseeable future as he works with craft beer and it seems that Myzuyka might be out as well to explore his own passion projects.

As a fan, I want to say thanks for all of the great games, Ray and Greg and I hope BioWare continues the legacy of delivering stellar titles going forward.

[Source: Kotaku]

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