Could Paul W.S. Anderson Be Going From 'Resident Evil' to 'Monster Hunter?'

Will the Event Horizon and Resident Evil filmmaker trade in sci-fi and zombies for dragons and fantasy? A Japanese interview during the promotion of the latest RE film would indicate that he's very interested.

After five movies, many of you already hate on the director's work with the Resident Evil series, so what's one more Capcom franchise to get my fellow gamers riled up?

Film site Punch Drunk Critics translated an interview with the director from Japanese site Cinema Today where Anderson was promoting the latest entry in the Resident Evil film series, Retribution.

Apparently, Anderson fell in love with the action-RPG Monster Hunter series and really wants to bring it to the big screen in the same way that he was able to make the Milla Jovovich-starring Resident Evil movies multi-million dollar moneymakers across five movies and a full decade of slow-mo zombie kicking.

The R-rated Retribution came out in the number one spot at the box office this weekend, beating out a 3D re-release of Finding Nemo, but its $21 million take was a little lower than t $26 million haul for 2010's Resident Evil: Afterlife. Still, he's made a ton of money for Capcom and they're likely more than happy to keep working with him until that changes.

[Source: Punch Drunk Critics via Game N Guide]

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