Watch That First Step: Stan Lee And Moonshark's 'Verticus' Gets a Trailer

The upcoming collaboration betwen Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee and L.A.-based mobile producer Moonshark (DancePad, Caveface) will see players fall into adventure later this fall.

Details after the jump.

The endless runner-style game, announced during the Comikaze event this weekend, is being developed by Dallas-based Controlled Chaos Media, featuring characters, story, and voice work from Lee, the venerable comic industry fixture. Verticus sees players falling through the Earth's atmosphere attempting to prevent the planet's destruction at the hands of the invading Obliterators.

From the official site:

Verticus puts players in the role of a superhero equipped with a high tech jump suit who must prevent the Earth's destruction at the hands of an evil alien race known as The Obliterators! Players free fall through the atmosphere and into the very center of our planet, avoiding treacherous obstacles and attacks while collecting materials that can be used to enhance the players' suit and weaponry with dozens of upgrades.

This, of course, isn't Lee's first time contributing to a video game, with the Marvel fixture joining this summer's Amazing Spider-Man as a playable character.

The iOS release will be available sometime this fall for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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