EA And BioWare Make It Official: 'Dragon Age 3: Inquisition' Coming In 2013

After months of rumors, speculations, and possible leaks, BioWare and EA have formally announced that the third Dragon Age title will be coming in late 2013.

The RPG sequel, which has been in development for two years now, is being built using the Frostbite 2 engine, but beyond that, we don't know a whole lot about what's in store for the next installment of the series. Thankfully, BioWare's general manager, Aaryn Flynn, has dropped a couple of hints about what we might expect.

In an open letter for series fans on the Dragon Age 3: Inquisition site, Flynn explained that while his team wasn't willing to talk about the game until they had something to show, but he was able to confirm that Frostbite 2 would be providing the framework for DA3 which their team hopes will provide "a more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices, and more customization." That last bit may translate into customizable armor as well as followers in the final release.

Dragon Age 3 has been under development by many of the veteran team members who worked on Dragon Age: Origins, but for now, those are the only details Flynn and the folks at BioWare are willing to officially let slip at this time.

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