Coco Can’t Find the Compliment Button: Conan O’Brien Previews ‘Resident Evil 6’

“The zombie genre should be simple. I don’t like them turning into pasta.” That’s late night comedian Coan O’Brien’s assessment of his time with the demo for Resident Evil 6 after getting some hands-on time with Leon Kennedy. While O’Brien was happy to finally kill something in a video game in his “Clueless Gamer” series, he wasn’t too pleased with the inscrutable storyline he kept encountering during his early, baffled look at the September 18th demo.

This is O’Brien’s latest attempt at messing around with a video game, after diving into Skyrim last month. He was unlucky with the ladies of the north, but with Resident Evil 6 he was hoping to maybe that saving Leon’s new sidekick would earn him some in-game sugar.

Also tested: the game’s new thumbs-up system for all of your post-zombie killing celebratory needs.

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