Weekend Discussion: What Do U Want to Play on the Wii U

So now that you know how much the Wii U will set you back when it's released on November 18th in the U.S., and you have an idea of what the lineup is going to look like, what are you thinking about picking up? Seriously, with 50 games on the way between November and March, there's more than enough actual titles for the Wii U, but how many of them are actually piquing your interest right now?

What you'll notice when you look at the slate of releases are an abundance of the following:


Family/party games

Exercise titles

What's missing: an abundance of first-party content from Nintendo (although we will expect a new Mario game in the mix along with Pikmin 3). The couple of first-party titles in their lineup could very well be system sellers (not especially big news: people love Mario).

On top of all this, Nintendo's finally heading into the next-gen pricing realm with games going for $59.99 versus $49.99 for most new Wii titles. Will that cause any second thoughts when you're at the counter (or online) about to get a new game? And what do you think about not being able to buy the Wii U tablet controller separate from the console (at least initially)?

Let us know what you think about getting new games on the Wii U in our Twitter feed using the hashtag #WiiUWishlist.

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