TT2 on the Wii U - 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' and 'Tank! Tank! Tank!' Anounced for the Wii U

Nintendo continues to fill out its slate with some impressive third-party titles, adding Namco Bandai's lightest fighter to their list of upcoming releases. The house that Pac Man built is also bringing their own party game to the Wii U with Tank! Tank! Tank!.

According to the announcement from Namco Bandai, the Wii U port of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition will be getting additional content exclusive to the console, but it's not clear at this stage whether that will take the form of additional characters (Gon), stages, costumes, or modes (Tekken Bowling, obviously). In my review, I was pretty pleased with the changes Namco Bandai brought to the sequel, so adding content on top of an already impressive package makes this one worth thinking about if you're looking for a Fighter for the Wii U.

TT2 joins Tank! Tank! Tank! as part of the Wii U lineup, a party game featuring, appropriately enough, up to four player-controlled tanks that can be used to blast up each other, the environment, and dragons, apparently. From the official release:

Get ready for one of the most bombastic battle-party-games ever with TANK! TANK! TANK! Players will find a fantastic armament of tanks and weapons at their disposal to dispatch the enemy threat, including mechanical insects, gigantic dragons and even other players. Team up with three other friends to battle with or against each other in fully destructible environments in a variety of action-packed story and multiplayer modes where weapons are never in short supply and threats are hiding behind every corner. Players will be able to arm their tanks with lasers, machine guns, missile pods, the dreaded Colossus Missile along with power-ups scattered throughout each map.

Neither title has an official release date, but Wii U game pricing has been set at $59.99.

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