343 Industries Resurrect the Forerunners In This 'Halo 4' ViDoc

The Master Chief isn't the only one making a return with November's Halo 4: the ancient, mysterious, and scientifically-advanced Forerunners are also back in the upcoming sequel which will begin to shed some light on the long-obscure history of the franchise.

The reason for those Halo rings that give the series its title are front and center in Halo 4, and the creative minds behind the shooter took some time in the latest making of video to discuss some of the motives of and motivations behind the impenetrable species.

Previously, we only got hints about them through their architecture or AIs like 343 Guilty Spark in the first Halo, but in recent years, 343 Industries has been shaking loose elements of the series's backstory through novels and additional content in last year's Halo Anniversary release. What you need to know: they're old, they're inscrutable, and they might not care much about the new shape of the galaxy they see when they wake up.

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