'Bayonetta' Returns As a Wii U Exclusive While 'Project P-100' Gets a Name

Nintendo is publishing the Wii U-exclusive sequel to the Platinum Games' developer character action title. And if you know me, you know this means I have to get a Wii.

Nintendo's new console won't lack for compelling software when it's released in November, but with the announcement that Platinum Games' hirsute witch heroine is coming to the console, now it's a must-buy.

The trailer above doesn't reveal much of anything (save that Bayonetta has some newly-blue gun boots). However, with the that second, sword-wielding character in the shadows, could we be seeing a new nemesis or perhaps a new playable character for the sequel?

According to a post on Kotaku, Okami producer Atsushi Inaba is handling the same gig here while the producer of the first Bayonetta, Yusuke Hashimoto, will be directing this time out.

A couple of things: I wonder how exclusive this exclusivity is and if we might see a SEGA published version of the game down the line for Microsoft and Sony's consoles. Secondly, could this also open the door for the first Bayonetta making its way to the Wii U? Finally, what, if any, touch features will the game include? Ninja Gaiden 3 uses the good, old-fashioned non-touch controller on the Wii U, and an intense action game like Bayonetta might benefit for a more vanilla control scheme.

Meanwhile, the superhero Pikmin-like Project P-100 has been officially named the no less tongue-tying The Wonderful 101. I was pretty keen on what I had a chance to play of that game during SDCC, so curious naming aside, I'm still down to check it out. Nintendo confirmed that it will be one of the console's launch titles, meaning it could land anywhere between the November 18th release date and March 31st of next year.

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