Latest 'Dishonored' Dev Diary Looks at Immersion

We're a little under a month out from the October 9th release date of Arkane Studios/Bethesda's Dishonored and the teams behind the game are doing their level best to make a convincing statement about the vision for the game in these developer videos. This time out, the development team walks through the ways that they want players to feel immersed in the steampunk police state of their game as the assassin Corvo.

On kind of a broader note for these slickly-produced making-of docs--are they all starting to look the same to you? Every one at this point is using the same kind of desaturated lighting scheme and talking head format over footage for the game. I want to see someone go Errol Morris on this with reenactments of the development process--or at least something outside of the current, increasingly stale format.

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