Got an Extra $1500? Then You Can Get this Very Special Edition of 'Resident Evil 6'

Wanna borrow some of Leon Kennedy's swag with a replica of his Resident Evil 6 leather jacket? All you have to do is plunk down £899 for the Resident Evil 6 Leather Jacket Edition over in the Capcom UK online store.

The very limited edition originally popped up in Capcom's Japanese online store, but made an appearance in the UK store. The bundle includes a copy of the game, three DLC maps for the Mercenaries multiplayer mode, stickers, and three tablet cases based on the item drop cases in the game.

Capcom assures potential buyers that the replica jacket--similar to the one worn by dreamboat hero Leon Kennedy in the game--is made of the finest cowhide leather for the approximately $1400 USD edition. Before you rush over to the Capcom UK online store, you need to ask yourself: are you Leon Kennedy-cool enough to rock this jacket? I mean, really ask yourself.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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