Don't Forget to Check Out This 'Remember Me' Demo

Gamescom has come and gone but that trailer for Capcom and developer Dontnod's futuristic, memory remixing video game won't soon be forgotten. Now you can check out nine glorious minutes of gameplay featuring protagonist, Nilin, on the hunt for a memory from a very dangerous man.

Essentially, the demo has a kind of Assassin's Creed meets Total Recall vibe going on- with Nilin scampering up industrial scaffolding as she's chased by a VTOL craft  by a pilot hellbent on perforating her with lead. Parkour-ing all over Neo-Paris seems to be the main way of getting around while enemy encounters get pretty physical with brutal punches and kicks along with a sick digital shotgun/concussion attack that stuns foes for a follow up take down. She also has access to more gadgets that can immobilize or cause enemies to explode!

Nilin also gets some help with info about her target by someone called 'Edge' who keeps calling her 'sister'. Not really sure whether or not they are siblings, but it could present an interesting  dynamic between the two.

All in all, 'Remember Me' is looking pretty slick and if you're looking for fresh IP this should definitely be on your radar for next year.

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