From G4 To "GQ"? Pop-Culture Channel To Be Rebooted As "Guy-Centric"

By Valerie Gallaher

As Sheila Broflovski might say, "WHAT WHAT WHAT?"

Variety reports that pop-culture channel G4 -- the go-to place for video game, comic book, geeky tech, and other cool stuff that fanboys and fangirls love -- is now getting a swanky, "guy-centric" makeover, courtesy of owners NBCUniversal. Here's the scoop according to Variety (who started the "GQ" comparison that so many news sites have picked up):

"The NBCUniversal-owned cabler is undergoing a rebranding, according to sources, that could involve a name change and take G4 in a direction reminiscent of GQ, the magazine for the "modern male" whose interests span beyond the dorm room or messy bachelor pad. The guy-centric net is mulling a more sophisticated look while remaining true to its tech and vid game roots."

Where does that leave the female gamer and tech afficionado -- not to mention comic fans everywhere looking to see coverage on a cable TV network? Where does that leave "Attack Of The Show" co-host Candace Bailey and "Fresh Ink" correspondent Blair Butler?

"Attack of the Show" co-host Kevin Pereira left the network in May of this year, and "X-Play" co-host Adam Sessler jumped ship in April. Did the network's decreasing focus on video game and "geek" coverage play a role? Did Pereira and Sessler see the writing on the wall about this sort of "rebranding" and decide to go elsewhere?

I can understand the desire to "niche" out and try to corner the "upscale male" market, but there seems to be a need -- nay, I say a gaping vacuum of want -- out there in "TV land" for some sort of network or regular programming that has true Geek Cred and appeals to the wider and diverse audience of comic, tech, video game, cosplay and toy fans.

But where would it come from???

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