SteelSeries, Twitch, and Alienware Just Gave a Bunch of Gamers College Scholarships

As part of the Twitch and Alienware Scholarship, the online game broadcasting network and the hardware manufacturer teamed up to give five student gamers $50,000 in scholarships.

The scholarship competition, which ran through August 22nd over on Twitch, sought currently enrolled college students who could demonstrate academic and pro gaming excellence. Applicants were asked to submit an essay, proof of their gaming skill, and proof of their academic standing in order to be considered for the award.

While not as bracingly demanding as your typical scholarship application (what, no request for personal references), it's a good start helping some gamers with their higher education.

Why'd they do it? According to Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO, it was about giving something back to the gaming community: “The avid professional gaming and spectator community has helped us thrive with more than 20 million visitors a month, and this scholarship is our way of showing appreciation for their passion while reinforcing our commitment to what we view as a legitimate sport.”

Twitch passed along these profiles for the winners, each of whom received $10,000 for their higher education (taken directly from the press release):

Kelli Dunlap: American School of Professional Psychology in Washington, D.C., PhD candidate

Halo expert and graduate student conducting doctoral dissertation research on the interplay between video games, personality and mental health.

Kevin Carlino: Arizona State University, Computer Science

Fifteen year Diablo veteran and host of Diablo Daily for Team Evil Geniuses

John Stockwell: Pennsylvania State University, Computer Science

Competitive Team Fortress 2 player and aspiring game developer

Antonio Revard: Michigan State University, Media Arts & Technology (Video Games Design & Development)

Former professional Counter-Strike player and popular Twitch broadcaster

Joey Yurgelon: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Mechanical Engineering

Starcraft and League of Legends fanatic.

While that's a lot of pro gamers with game industry ambitions, it's nice to see at least one off the beaten path career track in there with PhD candidate Kelli Dunlap, which I think serves to show the breadth and depth of the gaming community right now.

One thing: that is a lot of FPS/PC gaming represented there, though--what, no love for fighting game enthusiasts?

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