PAX Prime 2012: Welcome to the World Tekken Federation

On the second day of PAX Prime, I boarded a bus just a couple of blocks away from the Washington State Convention Center where members of the Namco Bandai team lead by Community Manager "Filthie" Rich Bantegui were showing off their plan for making you a better Tekken player. The service, which is launching alongside Tekken Tag Tournament 2 next week, is being called a "premium" online offering by the Namco Bandai team, but don't worry, it's actually free, and it might just be the thing you'll be obsessing about when you pick up the fighter on September 11th.

The goal of the service, Bantegui tells us, is to help Tekken players improve their game. And they're doing it with stats.

Similar to other services like Call of Duty Elite or Halo Waypoint, it's essentially a deep dive into all of the numbers behind how you play the game. So it's not just digging into your win/loss ratio, but your best team combinations, your rank, comparisons, with friends, and even let's you set up and manage teams within the game (essentially clans, for all intents and purposes).

My impression: Team Tekken's new service offers a lot of data for players but I'm still on the fence about how tangibly it will help improve play. The intent here is to create a history for your play style (impressively, you can backtrack to your last 20 matches on your player card), and it provides a breakdown for the way you play and how well that's doing for you. The results of your matches are uploaded instantaneously to WTF and it tracks your progress across console profiles (so you can link your PSN and Xbox LIVE accounts to your player card).

But I think there's a lot more value in the Tekken Champ video feature inside the game itself which records your last 100 matches played online, detailing the damage you dealt, move inputs, etc. The video replay feature feels like the more organic way to improve play, and it would be great if this is somehow integrated into World Tekken Federation (consider it as the difference between an athlete watching a bunch of game tape or having to pore over a bunch of stats to bump up his or her game).

The team feature is basically a way for you to earn more stuff inside World Tekken Federation like unique emblems to display next to your name inside the game, and a way to sort of get you and your friends hyped up between matches to improve your ranking. I asked if there would be events

The whole thing is done in HTML5 so you can check your data across your PC/Mac or mobile device and again, launches day and date with Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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