PAX Prime 2012: Kojima Debuts 'Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' Demo in the U.S.

Hideo Kojima took the stage during PAX Prime 2012 to present Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima along with a good look at Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. You can see the approximately 15-minute video up above, but after the jump, let's talk a little about what we know so far about the current-gen title being developed using Kojima Productions' proprietary FOX Engine

First off, according to Kojima, Ground Zeroes is serving as a "Prologue" in MGS continuity, and featuring Old Snake, this is presumably at some point before the events of MGS4. All of the cutscene content is handled in real-time using the FOX Engine and its release is targeted for current-gen platforms and I have to say the level of details is striking. Outside of how the little boy in the cell doesn't quite seem to know how to keep his jaw set, it's one of the better looking kids' faces I've seen in a video game (CG children's faces are typically the worst).

The game will be an open world stealth title, with Snake able to call in a chopper Mercenaries-style to travel between mission locations. Or, if he's so inclined, he can steal a vehicle of his own to do a little island hopping. Continuing to look at Snake's gear, it seems that Kojima Productions digs that Dead Space-style HUD for the Snake's wrist map and I'm hoping that they find a likewise graceful way to display maps and such.

Beyond that, I'd love to do a full breakdown of the trailer, but for now, enjoying rewatching it over and over as I'm sure I will be.

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