New 'Ticket to Ride' Map Lands on iOS, Steam, and Web

Post by Matt Morgan

Ticket to Ride, the board-game-turned-video-game, may have gained a legion of fans when it shot into the heights of iOS's App Store rankings and surpassed one million downloads, but publisher Days of Wonder is no stranger to making digital ports of its games. Ticket to Ride has been available for play on the web since shortly after the physical board game's 2004 release. Now, both long-standing and newcomer fans alike will be getting a treat, with the release of the first new digital Ticket to Ride map in nearly seven years: Legendary Asia.

The new map will be available in Ticket to Ride's iPad, Steam (PC and Mac), and web-based ( versions, each available as paid DLC for $3.99. If you're not already familiar with the Ticket to Ride franchise, you're missing out! You can play it on the web for free or grab it on iOS for $1.99, so go do that, and then come back to read the rest of this post, of course.

More than just adding variety through a new set of cities to connect with trains, the Legendary Asia map packs a few twists to shake up Ticket to Ride matches. The first is a new rules found only on the Legendary Asia map: mountain routes. The difficult terrain crossed with those comes with a price, as players must sacrifice additional trains from their stock to complete a connection.

Trains given up in this manner score +2 points each at the game's end, but limit how far a player can stretch their network. This puts them at a disadvantage for receiving the Asia Explorer bonus, which awards 10 points to the player who connects the most cities. However, sacrificing trains may help a player take advantage of the Mongolian Horse bonus, Legendary Asia's other rules twist. If a player can end the game in 24 turns or less, they'll receive this special in-game achievement.

Legendary Asia also comes with a new AI, the "KwaiBot," specifically geared to take advantage of the terrain quirks of this new map.

Originally released in board game form in 2011 as part of the first-ever Ticket to Ride map pack, Legendary Asia was the winning design of François Valentyne in Days of Wonder's map creation contest.

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