Bethesda Hints 'Dawnguard' DLC Might Not Be Making it to the PS3

In a post on the Bethesda forums, a company rep warned that getting the vampire-themed expansion onto the PS3 was proving to be a challenge and that in their words, "This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve."

The rep explained that the Bethesda team was hard at work at additional DLC for Sony's platform, but that the complexity and size of "Dawnguard" made it challenge to port over to the PS3. Now this isn't final--Bethesda's still working with Sony to get "Dawnguard" onto the PS3, but it sounds like they're at least bracing gamers for the possibility that it might not happen.

This first piece of DLC for Skyrim was released back in June, allowing you to play as either a member of the titular order of vampire hunters or as an actual vampire lord. In my review, I talked about some of the fun new toys to play with in the expansion, I explained that overall, the actual being a vampire part wasn't so fun.

[Source: Gamespot]

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