Double Fine Reveals 'Middle Manger of Justice' Free-to-Play iOS Game

Double Fine, a celebrated independent game studio based in San Francisco, recently revealed their first-ever iOS game. Dubbed Middle Manager of Justice, this free-to-play sim will task players with running the Justice Corporation where you'll hire, train and house a team of superheroes!

Developed as part of a three-game partnership with Dracogen, Middle Manager of Justice will have players taking on the responsibilities of the title character, through which they'll be able to build a custom superhero headquarters filled with rooms each serving a different purpose. As heroes are hired they'll be put into a strict training regime to boost their strength, health and intelligence.

These crime-fighters can then be put into action taking on small time thugs and super-villains of epic proportions. What makes this game unique compared to town-builder sims like The Simpsons Tapped Out is that players will actually have the chance to help their heroes out in battle, commanding them to pull off special attacks and use items. There will even be boss fights that are sure to keep things interesting as they become increasing difficult.

No official release date has been revealed at this point, but Double Fine assures us that Middle Manager of Justice is coming “soon” to an iOS device near you. Until then, have a look at the trailer!

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