5 Things That Need to Appear in a Metal Gear Movie

So with the announcement of a movie along the way I thought I’d take a moment to call out a few scenarios, events, and plot points from the legendary Metal Gear Solid that absolutely *have* to be included in the film.

Now, there are dozens of memorable moments throughout the franchise but for the sake of simplicity I’m just going to pull from Metal Gear Solid as that’s most likely the story that would be adapted.  I also want to focus on the first (ok, technically 3rd game) of the series because attempting to cull all the awesomeness across all of Snake’s journey would just be too brain-shatteringly insane; so without further ado- THESE FIVE THINGS NEED TO APPEAR IN A METAL GEAR MOVIE!

!: The fight with REX.

This one goes without saying. It’s a fight between a  giant, mechanical, nuclear-equipped dinosaur, a covert, super-soldier and a cyborg ninja with daddy issues. What else can be said?

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