5 Things That Need to Appear in a Metal Gear Movie

So with the announcement of a movie along the way I thought I'd take a moment to call out a few scenarios, events, and plot points from the legendary Metal Gear Solid that absolutely *have* to be included in the film.

Now, there are dozens of memorable moments throughout the franchise but for the sake of simplicity I'm just going to pull from Metal Gear Solid as that's most likely the story that would be adapted.  I also want to focus on the first (ok, technically 3rd game) of the series because attempting to cull all the awesomeness across all of Snake's journey would just be too brain-shatteringly insane; so without further ado- THESE FIVE THINGS NEED TO APPEAR IN A METAL GEAR MOVIE!

!: The fight with REX.

This one goes without saying. It's a fight between a  giant, mechanical, nuclear-equipped dinosaur, a covert, super-soldier and a cyborg ninja with daddy issues. What else can be said?

!!: Psycho Mantis reads the minds of the audience.

A huge part across all the series are the eccentric and colorful characters, especially the bosses. This would be super cheesy but I would love it all the same. So what if Psycho Mantis could some how break the 4th wall and reach out directly to the audience? Audio tricks, vibrating chairs, or more likely 3-d glasses would be needed (as well as a theater that would support this) but you get an audience full of fans and they would eat this up.

!!!: Snake revealed on the cargo lift.

I remember the first time I popped the MGS disc into my PS1. I freely admit to barely remembering the original NES game from the late 80's, but I'll never forget how exciting and tense the first few moments of sneaking into the arctic base after having been briefed on the mission. Sure, choking out sentries and learning the basics of stealth was great, but what really made the first 10 minutes was the appearance of the credits over the gameplay. Here was a game that knew what it wanted to be- a cinematic masterpiece with great production. That late title card revealing Snake sealed the deal.

!!!!: The fight with Vulcan Raven and the M1 Tank.

There are so many great battles in the game that I felt a disservice to limit the number as I could easily just rattle off all the boss fights and call it a day. Of course you have to include the fight with REX (it is the aforementioned Metal Gear after all) but which do you choose when you have such stellar brawls with Ocelot, Grey Fox, Vulcan Raven in the tank, and Liquid in the chopper? I decided that Vulcan Raven and his armored assault showed how badass and fearless Snake is. It's ridiculously over the top but it could be a great predecessor to the grander battle with REX.

!!!!!: Liquid Snake reveals the origins of Solid Snake and the  Les Enfants Terribles project.

Boy these games sure are long winded. They also have a very deep and rich fiction that all begins here with the entire plot laid out about Liquid, Solid, and Big Boss. Truth told, I cannot fathom how all of this could be added into a movie without having the audience shut off their brains in anticipation of the next big explosion. However, using the right screenplay with artful editing, these plot points could be fleshed out enough to make a special kind of 'Bond-villain-spilling-his-guts' and add a little more detail to what would ordinarily be just an action heavy movie.

Honorable Mention: It's not over yet!

Given how well the Marvel movies successfully weaved a story and merged the films together, it would be a shame if one of the best teasers in video games didn't appear after the credits stop rolling. The VO of Ocelot having a one way conversation with a mysterious figure would be a perfect way to lead into a sequel.

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