Could Sony Pictures Try to Win the Console Wars With a Movie... Called 'Console Wars?'

With new consoles from all three major players on the horizon, is Sony looking to make The Social Network of video game movies?

The ins and outs of the console hardware manufacturing business isn't, on the face of it, exactly thrilling material. But neither was the legal wrangling behind the scenes of Facebook and that was a pretty good movie. So is Sony planning do do for the Wii-Xbox-PlayStation triangle what David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin were able to do for social networking?

In Contention's Kris Tapley is saying that's exactly what he's heard from a source that Sony's planning, but he's quick to point out that at the time he didn't think what he was hearing was news. And is it? Sony might in fact be looking to take a mature look at the game making industry or it could just be some kind of prep for a PlayStation 4 marketing push.

My read on it: there's no sex to the console wars and therefore, unless it's a documentary, it's not going to happen. Using the comparison to The Social Network, you've got a young, socially frustrated young man beset on all sides by money, sex, and anything he could possibly want as he leaves all of his friendships and alliances in ruins in his wake. I'm just not sure Peter Moore getting on stage at E3 to show off his latest gaming tat will have the same kind of resonance with audiences.

In the meantime, here's a collection of domain names documented by Fusible that Sony has snatched up so far (although none actually have an active website):

[Source(s): Slashfilm via Badass Digest]

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