Video Dispels Wii U GamePad Latency Worries

When Nintendo first revealed the Wii U GamePad many potential customers were worried that the device would suffer from latency issues, not displaying the proper images as fast as they showed up on our TV screens. That issue has thankfully been laid to rest by recent video showing that the GamePad is actually updated slightly faster then the TV its working with!

The video below was originally shot a week after E3 2012 at the London hands-on event. Its just a standard demo of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U set to launch alongside the new console later this year. However, DigitalFoundry decided to slow things down a bit and give us a look at just how well the TV and GamePad interact.

As you'll see, Mario makes his jump to the flagpole on the GamePad 116 milliseconds before he grabs a hold on the TV. It's pretty interesting and proves that Nintendo took latency issues very seriously when they designed the Wii U and the corresponding tablet-style GamePad. Check out the video below!

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