Gearbox and Gamestop Reveal Creature Slaughter Dome Bonus For 'Borderlands 2'

If you're still trying to figure out which retailer is going to give the coolest pre-order bonuses for Borderlands 2 you may want to check out this trailer recently revealed by Gearbox and GameStop. It highlights an all-new exclusive bonus from the games retailer, dubbed Creature Slaughter Dome.

While the name does a pretty good job of getting the point across on it's own, Creature Slaughter Dome is a new horde-like game mode coming to the treasure hunting sequel. In it you and you and fellow online adventurers will be tasked with decimating waves on unsightly beasts from the far-stretches of Pandora. As each wave is taken out a new one spawns with increasing difficulty.

Borderlands 2 hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 18, 2012 -- Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

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