Become a Homeowner In Skyrim: 'Hearthfire' DLC Announced

Craft your own house in Skyrim as the Hearthfire DLC hits Xbox Live next Tuesday.

This is pretty unexpected, but for its next Skyrim add-on, Bethesda has decided to move away from a combat-focused release to one that will give you tools to immerse yourself in the world more than you might already be. And this is for a very particular player: the one who comes up with new names for the weapons he or she crafts in-game, who's really invested in the marriage system, and who really, really feels like their world will be complete with their own child--in Skyrim.

Just to be clear, this isn't a level creation kit or anything like that: Bethesda is basically asking you to build a house the way you would your own weapons and armor.

With the September 4th release, you'll be able to purchase a deed and build your house out of parts you've crafted yourself, adding trophy rooms, cases, extensions, a garden, and whatever else a new homeowner might want or desire in the norther lands. You can also marry and use the new adoption system (!) to bring a child into your household, while hiring a steward to buy supplies for you and your family.

Hearthfire will be available next week on Xbox Live for 400 MS Points.

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