'The Walking Dead: Episode 3' Out this Week, Gets Screens, and a Trailer

Oh, no Clementine, darlin', put down that gun.

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead looks like it's upping the grim ante.

Out today on PSN for $4.99 (or free as part of the season pass) and tomorrow on XBLA/PC/Mac, Telltale continues telling the tale of Lee and Clementine and it looks like things are only getting worse for this increasingly small band of survivors. This time around: they're making their way through Macon, tensions are rising, and based on the trailer and these screens, it seems like hunger, fear, and suspicion will be leading to the end of the group as it stands.

Here's the official synopsis:

The stakes get even higher in episode three as Lee, Clem, and the group are forced to move on from the motel. The fallout from treachery within the group will lead to some shocking moments, and - depending on the choices you make - one of the hardest things that Lee has ever had to do.

It's a testament to the storytelling in Telltale's game that seeing the gun in Clementine's hands, I can't help but worry: not that something bad is going to happen to the kid, mind you, but that her basic decency and innocence will somehow be destroyed in this episode.

Below, we've got the IGN-exclusive trailer as well as some screens from Telltale. I'm looking forward to bringing you my review of this one.

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