New Video Game Releases For the Week of 8/28: Next Level Blitzin’

If Guild Wars 2 isn’t taking over your PC this week and you’re not still wading through either Darksiders II (it’s quite good) or Sleeping Dogs (I hear it’s also quite good), then maybe you’ll want to try out Harmonix’s latest fast and furious music game, Rock Band Blitz or revisit some PS2 and PS3 classics with the Ratchet and Journey collections.

Here’s what you should be playing this week.

Or not. I’m not the boss of you.

Title: Guild Wars 2
Platform(s): PC

This one is loaded up on my machine and ready to play–but do I dare? I’ll be honest: I’ve never been much of an MMO guy like, at all. But ArenaNet’s persistent, subscription-free MMO might be the thing to help me get over my long-held prejudice against these time sinks. The big pitch here: more action-y combat and a storyline that emerges based on your play through (I’m taking this directly from the game’s site).

Based on its somewhat gothic fantasy-influenced art style and the personalized story hook, I have to say ArenaNet’s title at least has me curious enough to dip my toe in the MMO waters. Here’s hoping I don’t go under.

Title: Rock Band Blitz
Platform(s): PSN, XBLA

A curious step back to the controller-based rhythm games of yore. Of old. Whatever. Harmonix and developer Fire Hose Games are pushing Rock Band Blitz as the music game you can play with your hands (a la Amplitude or more recently Retro/Grade). A step back might be a poor choice of words: it’s a retro experience when it comes to this particular genre and its interface.

The downloadable Blitz comes with 25 songs out of the gate, but you can import your Rock Band 3 songs so your current playlist doesn’t feel so lonely.

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