South Korean Hack 'n Slash 'Archeblade,' Looks Gloriously Nuts

Never let it be said that elaborate character design and some sweet-looking combos couldn't get me interested in your free-to-play fighting game.

Before receiving the PR announcement for Archeblade ("Arch-Blade?" "Arsh-blade?"), I'd never heard of South Korean developer Codebrush. But according to their About page, they've been working on the hack 'n slash RPG for over three years now. Curiously, the game's site promises an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, but doesn't provide any links or further details.

As for the concept, the press release describes it as a third-person, multiplayer fighting game, but it looks more like a multiplayer, competitive hack and slash. The game is apparently based on a novel of the same name featuring ten characters, and it will feature keyboard and mouse controls (no word on joystick support).

If you're interested in being part of the beta, you can sign up here.

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