‘Happy Wars’ Will Launch As Xbox 360’s First Free-to-Play Title This Fall!

Free-to-play games are nothing new, but aside from Dust 514 on the PS3 they typically come to us as PC downloads or mobile/social games. However, it looks like Xbox 360 will be getting it’s first true F2P title this fall, when Happy Wars hits Xbox Live Arcade!

That’s right, anyone with a current Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to download Happy Wars completely free of charge this fall, while Microsoft will be implementing a microtransaction system that will allow players to purchase “lavishly rendered items” to customize their character.

Developed by Toylogic, Happy Wars is a large-scale action game in which up to 30 players can battle it out in castle siege-like online rumbles. While it may be the first free-to-play title on Xbox 360 it surely won’t be the last. Considering how wide-spread the business model has become, we expect many more free-to-play titles are on the way.

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