'Star Wars 1313' Descends Into the Underworld in a Dev Diary

Beneath the topside sci-fi gloss of Coruscant's surface lies a criminal underworld of the broken, the desperate, and the guilty. Welcome to the world of Star Wars 1313.

The creative team at Lucasarts walk us through the setting for their upcoming third-person action game set over a thousand levels below ground and reveal some new cutscenes and concept art.

After the jump, I've pulled some of the most striking images for the video for you to feast your eyes on as Lucasarts takes Star Wars straight to hell.

This is what Lucasarts deems a town made up of all the bad sides of town. And you have to hand it to them: this is definitely an aspect of the Star Wars universe we've ever seen before. The criminal underbelly mingling with various species just trying to eke out some kind of survival--it's very much in line with the "dark and mature" vision the team described when the game was announced back at E3.

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