New 'Mass Effect' and 'Dragon Age' Out at Dark Horse

King Alistair goes searching for his father while Liara T’Soni uses her new Shadow Broker assets to prevent the oncoming attack of the Reapers. More details about Mass Effect: Homeworlds #4 and Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #1 after the jump.

The first issue of the new Dragon Age comic out of BioWare and Dark Horse Comics teams Origins hero Alistair (now royalty in the game's canon) up with "the pirate captain Isabela and the underworld merchant Varric" to delve into an empire of evil mages in order to get more info on Alistair's missing father. Seriously, the whole empire has to be evil? Not a single nice one? Writer David Gaider, who was the writing lead on both games, provides this slice of mage-based prejudice (I kid, I kid), which promises to further flesh out more of the games' universe.

Personally, I found Alistair one of the most interesting characters from the first game. He was kind of a decent guy but at the same time, you could tell that he'd much rather be doing anything else besides being part of the "saving the kingdom" party.

Anyway, the first issue of Those Who Speak is available now in print and digitally.

For you Mass Effect fans, the fourth issue of their Homeworld miniseries which serves as sort of a protracted prequel to Mass Effect 3 will be on shelves next week from writer Sylvia Feketekuty, who was responsible for the character under consideration here, Liara. With art by Omar Francia, Homeworlds #4 lead directly into the beginning of the third game as Liara tries to find something to save the galaxy from the impending Reaper threat.

Newsarama has a preview of that book here.

You can pick up Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #1 in the Dark Horse Digital store now and grab

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