'Max Payne 3' Disorganized Crime DLC Lands For Free Next Week!

Rockstar Games revealed some screenshots from the highly-anticipated Disorganized Grime Pack for Max Payne 3 today, along with a release date that will have have us shooting up rooftops in black & white as early as next week. The best part is we won't have to pay a single cent to add to our download queue.

The free DLC hit on August 28th and includes the Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map, which will have players battle it out in the ruins of Max's Hoboken apartment. But Rockstar didn't stop their with the free goodies. The download also brings new fun to Arcade Mode, such as explosive rounds, Lone Wolf AI (much more aggressive enemies) and Headshots Only mode. Disorganized Crime will also introduce a new Noir Mode that lets us play through the game's entire single-player campaign in black & white.

For now, these screens are the only taste of the Disorganized Crime Pack and Noir Mode we've got, but Rockstar will be revealing more details including a detailed layout of the Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map.

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