Rockstar Leisurely Drops Three More 'Grand Theft Auto V' Screens

Earlier this week Rockstar kept anxious fans happy by releasing a batch screenshots showing off a few of the transportation options we can expect to see in Grand Theft Auto V. They promised more were on the way and today they delivered with screens introducing us to more leisurely activities.

Anyone in the mood for some off-road action will appreciate the first screen, which actually gives us a look at another transportation option, the dirt bike. Next we get a look at the brighter side of town, where the recession doesn't seem to have much of an impact and finally there's the parachute. Now this is something I find myself very interested in. Did the guy jump out of plane? Will we be able to do that? Maybe he's been hanging out with the Nitro Circus and caught the base jumping bug? I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Rockstar's official Grand Theft Auto V website has three more empty slots just waiting for a third batch of screens, and if this week's reveal schedule is anything to go by we might see them on Friday. Either way, keep checking back and we'll keep you filled in.

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