Full Details and Release Date For the 'Halo 4' Soundtrack Revealed

The October release will come in a standard edition as well as a 2-disc Special Edition featuring DJ remixes of the shooter's score.

More details after the jump.

Coming on October 22nd, the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack will feature 15 tracks and around 75 minutes of music from Massive Attack's Neil Davidge, 343 Industries and 7Hz Productions, marking the first time series regular Marty O'Donnell has not been responsible for the music of the long-running shooter series. We'll be running our interview with Davidge about his work on the score later today as well as a brief chat with producer DJ Skee about his contribution to the remix album.

Here's the track list (along with links to samples of selected tracks) which doesn't appear to have any spoilers:

1. Awakening

2. Belly Of The Beast

3. Requiem

4. Legacy

5. Faithless

6. Nemesis

7. Haven

8. Ascendancy

9. Solace

10. To Galaxy

11. Immaterial

12. 117

13. Arrival

14. Revival

15. Green And Blue

Besides the standard edition release, the 22nd will also see the release of the 2-disc Special Edition box set which includes the soundtrack as well as 14 remixes from electronic producers and rock musicians. While the standard edition will run you about $13.98 USD, the Special Edition will set you back $75 and include a 70-minute DVD with behind-the-scenes footage featuring the creation of the soundtrack, a hardcover book focused on the making of the soundtrack, a print signed by Davidge, a 12" disc featuring Cortana and the Master Chief, and an exclusive Avatar tee download code. You can order that directly from Halo Waypoint.

Here's the full list of remixes, which include DJ Skee, Caspa, Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan, Gui Boratto, KOAN Sound, Matt Lange, Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad, Alvin Risk, Bobby Tank, Maor Levi and Hundred Waters, along with Apocalyptica and ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha:

1. Awakening – Gui Boratto Remix

2. Green And Blue – KOAN Sound Remix

3. Requiem – Bobby Tank Remix

4. Ascendancy – Caspa Remix

5. To Galaxy – Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan Remix

6. Haven – Hundred Waters Remix

7. Revival – DJ Skee & THX Remix

8. Ascendancy – Matt Lange Remix

9. Nemesis – Alvin Risk Remix

10. Solace – Maor Levi Remix

11. Arrival – Norin & Rad Remix

12. Green And Blue – Andrew Bayer Remix

13. Foreshadow – James Iha Remix

14. The Beauty Of Cortana – Apocalyptica vs. Neil Davidge Remix

Check back later today for our interview with Neil Davidge and tomorrow for our DJ Skee piece.

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