Indie Studio, Tribute Games, Kickstarting New Platformer!

By Joseph Leray


Tribute Games, the Canadian indie studio behind Wizorb, are Kickstarting a new 2D run-and-gun platformer called Mercenary Kings.

Citing games like Megaman, Metal Slug, and Phantasy Star Online as inspiration, Mercenary Kings comes with a pedigree, backed up by most of the team that worked on 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Of particular note is artist Paul Robertson, whose made a name for himself as an evocative and expressive (if not sometimes NSFW) pixel artist.

An introductory trailer suggests that Tribute are taking a Borderlands-style approach to 2D action, promising “endless” customization options for your weapons, all wrapped up in a larger mission structure. I’ll tackle the cat-tank boss first, I think.

According to the team’s Kickstarter video, revenues from Wizorb are partly funding Mercenary Kings, but extra money is needed to complete what their calling a “more ambitious” game. In a perfect world, Tribute would need about $200,000 to fully realize Mercenary Kings, but a modest $75,000 will allow them to make and publish the game. Any extra funding will go to adding more weapons and levels and to exploring a multi-platform release.

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