App of the Week: Jaws Revenge

Welcome to our new “App of the Week” column! We're going to kick things off with an app I discovered a little late, but was thankfully still able to pick up during the promotional free period. That app is Jaws Revenge, which for obvious reasons was available for free during Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

Jaws Revenge is simple – you're a shark, you eat things, people try to kill you. The game takes full advantage of the simplicity touch-based controls can offer, using a single-touch control scheme throughout the game. Anyone who's played Tiny Wings will feel right at home as touching the screen makes your shark dive and releasing will bring it up to the surface for a wicked high jump that can pull hang gliders and the occasional airplane out of the sky.

Jaws Revenge starts off with a quick tutorial laying out the basics and then we're thrown right into the feeding frenzy. The game features 4 worlds, each with 10 levels that ask you to complete specific objectives. Things like “Eat 10 scuba divers” and “Destroy 5 boats before buoy 2” are the norm.

The levels are short, making it perfect for pick up and play action while you're on the go or waiting for the commercial break to end so you can back to Falling Skies. That said, it is more challenging as you progress and there is a bit more to the game than just eating stuff. For instance, as you stalk innocent swimmers you'll be earning “Shark Tooth Coins” which can be used to upgrade your shark. The ability to upgrade things like the size of your bite, the strength of your sandpaper skin and your health meter keep the game entertaining.

My one complaint is the fact that the you're constantly pestered to watch a video or engage in other “activities” (subscribing to Netflix) to earn more shark tooth coins. It can get pretty annoying, but the more you play the more it seems to go away. Either that, or I'm just getting used to it.

Though Shark Week has come and gone it looks like the game is still free via the App Store, so it really is worth checking out it you're looking for something quick and simple, yet entertaining. Enjoy!

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