Survey Potentially Leaks 'Dragon Age 3' Plot Details, Terrible Titles

The age of dragons might go on a little longer if BioWare forum users are to be believed. According to a Kotaku post, select BioWare fans were asked to participate in a survey to select their preferred title for the RPG from a list of five not terribly exciting or evocative titles.

You can check out some of the possible names for the next DA as well as a possible summary of the game's plot after the jump.

How does Dragon Age 3: Apocrypha strike you? Or Dragon Age 3: The Breach? What about Dragon Age 3: Exarch? Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and or Dragon Age 3: Inquisitor? That's where EA and BioWare's head might be for potential titles in the sequel which will put you in the role of an Inquisitor tasked with getting to the root of a series of attacks that are disrupting the peace of the country of Orlais, throwing the entire land of Thedas into chaos (source: Strategy Informer). This would be the same setting as the CG-animated Dawn of the Seeker feature from earlier this year, and in Orlais, you'll be assembling your own armies, sending out spies, and doing a little political backstabbing.

[UPDATE]: Synopsis removed at request of copyright holder.

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