What's the Right Brand of Weapon for You in 'Borderlands 2?'

A trio of ads set in the Borderlands universe vie for your itchy trigger finger in Gearbox's upcoming RPG/shooter.

The fake ads put me in the mind of tongue in cheek versions of the promos that would load as you installed MGS 4, lengthy advertisements for PMCs in that game's war-torn world. Gearbox has decided to have a little more fun with it in these three videos enticing you to buy more weapons now from manufacturers Maliwan, Tediore, and Vladoff.

Which of Pandora's arms makers is the right one for you?

Maliwan Weapons:

Tediore Weapons:

Vladoff Weapons:

Borderlands 2 will assaulting your consoles and PC on September 18th.

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