Kickstartin': New School Old School Platforming With 'The Other Brothers'

Indie developer 3D Attack promises classic, 16-bit style gameplay using modern technology with their episodic platformer for the PC and Mac.

We're in an era where there are tons of platformers available, so what's the point of one more? Or maybe a better quetions is "why not another one for the pile?"

Developed by 3D Attack with 12 days to go in their Kickstarter campaign, The Other Brothers features coveralls-wearing, mustachioed mechanics Joe and Jim moving from left to right and having adventures as they attempt to save their lady friend, Tavvy.

3D Attack has been working on The Other Brothers since January and are looking for funds to support the staff after laying out $20,000 for software licenses and equipment. Their team is hoping to use Kickstarter to pay for iOS, Android and Mac/PC and Linux ports of The Other Brothers, localization, and multiplayer support.

The game's leads are Thomas Pasieka and Bjorn Hurri, animators and artists who founded 3D Attack in the hopes of making their own game. If they reach their Kickstarter goal, they're looking to have The Other Brothers finished by this November.

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